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Profiler Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

Profiler operating a PUV-2500Profiler operating a PUV-2500 The Windows-based Profiler software package performs data acquisition and contains a suite of powerful data analysis tools for the PRR and PUV series instruments. 

 Key Features

  • Microsoft Windows-based acquisition and analysis program
  • Microsoft Access compatible file structure
  • Interactive downcast, upcast, and dark marking
  • Time series, spectral, and profile plotting 
  • Linear or logarithmic scale for time series
  • Exponential regression for profiles 
  • Calculate attenuation coefficients in accordance with SeaWiFS protocols 
  • Dark correction 
  • Interactive zoom feature 
  • Graph customization including selectable fonts, gridlines, data labels, etc.
  • Data and graphics may be exported to a variety of applications 

Profiler software is designed to run under the Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, or Windows 7 environment. We recommend at least a 200-MHz Pentium computer with at least 64 MB of RAM.

Related Instruments:

PRR-800/PRR-2600 Profiling Reflectance Radiometer

PUV-2500 Profiling Ultraviolet Radiometer

Software and Manuals Download Page (Registration Required)

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