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Calibration and Characterization Services

[b]Figure 1[/b]: GUV-2511 radiometer in the process of being aligned for calibration using lasers.Figure 1: GUV-2511 radiometer in the process of being aligned for calibration using lasers.Biospherical Instruments offers a variety of calibration and characterization services:

  • Irradiance and radiance calibration using NIST-traceable Standards
  • Temperature sensor calibration
  • Pressure sensor calibration
  • Inclinometer (pitch and roll) sensor calibration
  • Cosine collector directional response characterization (wet and dry)
  • Spectral characterization of radiometers
  • Immersion coefficient testing of irradiance collectors
  • Linearity testing
  • Slit-width function determination of spectroradiometers

The scale of spectral irradiance maintained at Biospherical Instruments and its uncertainty are documented here.


We recommend that optical channels be calibrated annually.  All other sensors should only be recalibrated when there is an indication that they have drifted or are otherwise operating improperly. Request a Return Material Authorization before returning.

Biospherical Instruments Inc. has a long history calibrating and characterizing optical instruments — hundreds of instruments annually. A full-time optical engineer is in charge of our 40 m2 calibration laboratory and oversees all calibrations. These include single channel broad-band (PAR) sensors, multichannel ocean color radiometers, and high-resolution scanning UV spectroradiometers. 

In addition to our calibration laboratory, we maintain a solar calibration facility on the roof of the company’s building where the spectroradiometer of the NSF UV Monitoring Network is also located. The UV-B channels of GUV radiometers are regularly calibrated against this instrument.

We are regular participants in NASA and NSF sponsored calibration intercomparisons whose results are published in agency technical bulletins.

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