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Biospherical Instruments Inc. (BSI) is an industry leader in providing research- grade radiometers for measuring ambient and artificial light in the water and the atmosphere. BSI’s multi-spectral instruments feature a state-of-the-art dynamic range of up to ten orders of magnitude with wide spectral coverage, ranging from the ultraviolet-B to the near infrared of the electromagnetic spectrum. BSI also has extensive experience with hyperspectral measurements and systems.

BSI serves the oceanographic, atmospheric, water quality, and biological sciences communities. Applications include the validation of data from ocean color satellites; measurements of the spectrally-resolved penetration and attenuation of light in natural and artificial waters such as the oceans, lakes, and drinking water reservoirs; the monitoring of UV radiation at the Earth’s surface in support of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer; and the measurement of Photosynthetic Active Radiation, both in the laboratory and in the field through integrations on Argo profiling floats, gliders, and CTD rosettes.

In addition to our extensive catalog of standard radiometers, BSI specializes in the design and manufacture of custom instrumentation for a large number of use cases specified by our customers, and provides NIST-traceable calibrations for radiometers. Our customers include the US government (NASA, NOAA, NSF), domestic and international universities and research organizations, commercial fisheries, and many other private enterprises. BSI’s scientists regularly contribute in a leading role to environmental assessment reports such as NOAA’s annual “State of the Climate” reports and assessments in support the Montreal Protocol.

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