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Gallery - Biospherical At Work
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R&D of a new small instrument, really.
C-OPS spectral irradiance profiler packaged in a custom configuration for Dr. Karen Frey (Clark U.) for work in the Arctic. The ICE-Pro configuration is designed for insertion through a hole in the Arctic ice. Randy Lind is inspecting his design.
Dr. Karen Frey (Clark University) deploying ICE-Pro, a purpose-built C-OPS optical profiling system designed for work under the ice on ICESCAPE 2010.
Dr. Karen Frey and her students deploy ICE-Pro through a hole bored through the ice on the NASA-sponsored research cruise \
Leaving Mission Bay in San Diego for instrument field testing.
MER-1032 being applied from the Calypso during an expedition to Tahiti, 1987. Biospherical participated in several expeditions sponsored by the Calypso Society, and the research performed led to the development of the Natural Fluorometer.
PUV-2500 being deployed in Crater Lake.
Storm at Palmer Station, Antarctica, with the collector of Biospherical Instrument\'s SUV-100 UV spectroradiometer in the foreground. The instrument is part of the NSF UV Monitoring Network.
Suite of radiometers of the UV Monitoring Network node at Palmer Station, Antarctica. A Biospherical Instrument\'s GUV-511 multifilter radiometer is at the far right; the collector of an SUV-100 spectroradiometer is in the center left.
Bouyancy adjustment of a C-OPS profiler.
Deployment of a C-OPS profiler.
Development of a new irradiance collector.
Test of C-HOIST at Biospherical Instruments.
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