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Frequently Asked Question

Can I acquire data over the Internet?

Several of the software products from Biospherical allow data to be queried over a TCP/IP connection, including ╬╝Profile, Logger, Logger2100, and LoggerLight. Typically, the client will poll Logger (or another acquisition program) requesting the latest data frame. This will be returned as a comma-separated ASCII string. This polling can be done up to several times per second depending on the instrument's data rate, connection latency, and other factors. 

The setup for this is the instrument is connected to a PC using the normal RS-232 connection. The acquisition software (e.g., Logger) is started, a port (0-65535, but not in conflict with other assignments) is specified, and the connection is enabled. A second program on a different PC is started, which queries and receives the data stream.

Please contact Biospherical if you would like an example of how to use this feature.