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Frequently Asked Question

I need a copy of DASWIN.

DASWIN is a data logging application for MER-2040, early GUV (based on the PRR-600), and other early instruments. It is intended for datalogging with averaging. Limited graphics are provided. Calibration files are binary and it provides it own editor.

Internally at BSI, DASWIN exists in two additional configurations: 32-Bit DASWIN, needed for bipolar MER-2040 and HRAD instruments (including the NSF HRADs), and RemoteDaswin, which is used in the test laboratory.

DASWIN was last released to customers in 1995 as a Win95 16-bit application and is no longer supported, but you may contact BSI to receive a copy of the software. For more information on DASWIN as it pertains to BSI instruments, please refer to the last page of BSI's application note "Running DOS-Based Software for PNF-300 and INF-300 Instruments on Win7 Desktops and Laptops."