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What does the "integrated" column in my software contain?

In programs such as LoggerLight, "Integrated" data is data that has been integrated over time (as opposed to spectrally integrated data, for instance). It is useful for measuring the flux of light integrated over a time interval, or for other time related integrals such as total daily UV exposure.  In the case of a PAR channel in Einsteins (E), the units change from µE/(cm2 s) to the more simplified µE/cm2 and you separately express the time of integration (minutes, hours, days, weeks, etc.). Monochomatic data in the unit of power (e.g., µW/cm2) will change to energy units when time integrated, i.e., µW/cm2, becomes µJ/cm2. This means that a constant energy source of 1 µW/cm2 integrated for 1 second becomes 1 µJ/cm2 of energy because 1 Joule is 1 Watt per second. In LoggerLight, the only units shown will be the power units. During rapid sampling, integrated data are not calculated. In addition, integrated values will not show up if the instrument is uncalibrated, or if the output has been set to “volts.”