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Biospherical Instruments receives grant from the NSF
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 19:06

16 July 2009: NSF awards a grant to the University of Chicago and Biospherical Instruments to perform ultraviolet radiation measurements in the Arctic. As part of the project, the former sites of the NSF UV Monitoring Network become part of the Arctic Observing Network. The key intellectual merit of the project centers on acquiring data that can be used to advance knowledge (1) of the present and future solar radiation climate of the Arctic, and (2) of the factors that drive changes in the UVR. For example, by combining UV data with other measurements and modeling, parameterizations can be developed to predict future UV intensities and improve climate models (e.g., CCMs). The project is overseen by the University of Chicago. BSI will be a subcontractor to UC and will be responsible for operating the instruments and producing quality-controlled data products.