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Retired Instrument Availability

Biospherical Instruments has been making instruments since 1977. Every instrument comes to the end of its useful lifetime, usually because we can no longer obtain parts to service the instrument. Some instruments may still work perfectly, but if our calibration laboratory has not seen any instrument of its type for several years, changes to our calibration facility may mean that even what was a simple calibration years ago is now much more time consuming (and expensive). And, of course, software to control an instrument may no longer be available or be supported by newer operating systems.

The following instruments are retired and can no longer be supported, calibrated or serviced:
 •  MER-1000 series, MER-2000 series, PNF-300, PNF2300, INF-300, PUV-500, PRR600, GUV-511, QSI, and DAS instruments

The following instruments cannot be manufactured but they can be calibrated, and can sometimes be serviced or repaired, depending on availability of components:
 •  GUV-2511, PRR-2600 and PRR-800 (and their solar references)

The following instruments (and their solar references) have been supplanted by a more modern equivalent capability, as listed:
 •  PRR-600/2600/800 are all replaced by different configurations of C-OPS;
 •  PUV-500/PUV-2500 are also replaced by different configurations of C-OPS;
 •  QSL-100 is replaced by QSL-2000 series and the AMOUR
 •  All Q-Series 200 instruments are replaced by Q-series 2000;
 •  All M-Series 200 instruments are replaced by M-series 2000;
 •  PNF-300/PNF2300 are replaced by BIC/BIR/BNF and also C-OPS;
 •  GUV-511/GUV-2511 are replaced by GUVis-3511.

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 December 2022 15:15