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Hybrid Multichannel/Hyperspectral Radiometer with BioSHADE and BioGPSHybrid Multichannel/Hyperspectral Radiometer with BioSHADE and BioGPS

A wide variety of accessories are available for our products. These include:

BioGPS: A GPS designed to be mounted with the surface reference sensor featuring data integrated into the radiometer data stream.

BioHOIST: A portable, battery powered davit mounted hoist designed for handling cables from our radiometers and cables from other oceanographic systems. Uses "pot puller" commercial fishing components with custom power control.

BioMAST: A retractable radiometer mounting mast designed to be mounted on ships. Developed by a NASA researcher.

BioSHADE: A shadowband accessory designed for shipboard operation.

Packing Cases: A wide selection of reusable packing cases designed to protect the radiometer systems.

Field Computers: PCs that we have found rugged enough for field operations.

Spare Cables and Connectors: A wide variety are available depending your radiometer system.

Lowering Frames to mount instruments that are lowered from a ship.

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