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Amour - Advanced Multi-purpOse Usb RadiometerAmour - Advanced Multi-purpOse Usb RadiometerThe Advanced Multi-purpOse Usb Radiometer (AMOUR) is a high-speed USB Radiometer for research and engineering in the laboratory or field. The instrument is very versatile as the user can select different front-optics (e.g., for measuring irradiance, scalar irradiance, radiance) and different spectral responses (e.g., narrow band, wide band, PAR). The instrument is relatively inexpensive, small, and convenient as it directly connects to your PC.  The dynamic range of the instrument covers more than 10 orders of magnitude. It incorporates Biospherical Instruments' microradiometer technology, which was developed under a contract to NASA.



  • Algal growth chambers/photosynthetron illumination
  • Fluorescence detection
  • Illumination studies
  • LED testing
  • Optical hazard detection
  • Solar irradiance (insolation)

… and more


AMOUR entrance optic options from left to right: radiance, scalar irradiance, irradiance, SMA connectorAMOUR entrance optic options from left to right: radiance, scalar irradiance, irradiance, SMA connector

Measurement Geometries

Spectral responses

  • Narrow band (not available for scalar irradiance)
  • UV
  • Blue-light hazard
  • High-energy visible light
  • PAR
  • Photopic response
  • Wide band

Detection limit and saturation

AMOUR sensors have a large dynamic range. Detection limit and saturation levels at 1 Hz for various configurations are provided below.

Detection limit Saturation Units Dynamic range
Irradiance, 313 nm 6.90E-06 3.62E+05 μW/(cm² nm) 5.2E+10
Irradiance, 490 nm 1.16E-06 6.81E+04 μW/(cm² nm) 5.9E+10
Irradiance, PAR nm 1.09E-10 5.7 μE/(cm² s) 5.2E+10
Scalar, 313 nm 6.30E-02 4.15E+09 μW/(cm² nm) 6.6E+10
Scalar, 490 nm 1.98E-05 1.04E+06 μW/(cm² nm) 5.2E+10
Scalar, PAR nm 1.11E-09 58.5 μE/(cm² s) 5.2E+10
Radiance, 313 nm 4.93E-07 2.96E+04 μW/(cm² nm sr) 6.0E+10
Radiance, 490 nm 1.41E-07 8510 μW/(cm² nm sr) 6.0E+10
Radiance, PAR nm 1.31E-11 0.79 μE/(cm² s sr) 6.0E+10


Brochure: AMOUR.pdf

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