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Single-Channel Radiometers

Biospherical Instruments offers two lines of single-channel radiometers:

Q- and M-series Sensors

BSI's family of Q-Series Single-Channel Radiometers.BSI's family of Q-Series Single-Channel Radiometers.Q- and M-series sensors were designed for use in the laboratory; deployment with profilers, CTDs, gliders, floats, and meteorological stations; use in aquaculture and biofuel plants; and for many other marine or terrestrial applications. The instruments are available in a large number of configurations with respect to spectral response, directional response, depth rating, signal output, packaging, cabling, and accessories.

  • Q-series instruments measure Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR).
  • M-series instruments measure monochromatic radiation in a narrow wavelength band.


AMOUR Radiometer

AMOUR Laboratory Radiometer.AMOUR Laboratory Radiometer.The Advanced Multi-purpOse Usb Radiometer (AMOUR) is a new class of single-channel sensors for laboratory applications. In contrast to Q- and M-Series sensors, the AMOUR sensor is based on microradiometer technology, and features a dynamic range of more than 10 orders of magnitude and a high-speed USB interface. The instrument is very versatile as the user can select different front-optics (e.g., scalar irradiance, cosine irradiance, radiance, and SMA fiber interface).

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