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Workshops and Training

Biospherical Instruments supports the community by participating in, or hosting, workshops to advance the state of the art for acquiring and processing AOP observations. Furthermore, all of our customers are welcome to contact Biospherical Instruments for training on the deployment of AOP instruments and the subsequent production of data products using the Processing of Radiometric Observations of Seawater using Information Technologies (PROSIT) community processor. We offer this service to both new purchasers, and to researchers who either have legacy systems that are being deployed by new practitioners, or who have “inherited” instruments from others—as long at they are currently supported instruments. There is no charge for this service, although participants will need to provide their own transportation and lodging.

We are currently considering hosting workshops focusing on instrument intercomparisons. The kind of intercomparisons we envision include downward surface spectral irradiance measurements held on our rooftop, and Case-2, shallow water, AOP measurements conducted in local waters. The rooftop intercomparisons are occasionally held on an informal basis, so let us know if this is of interest, but the in-water intercomparisons require more resources and we are looking to funding agencies for interest. Formal intercomparisons would be of the “blind” type wherein investigators bring their instruments fully calibrated and collect, process, and submit their results to an independent referee who tabulates and compares the results.

Another type of workshop we are considering focuses on the C-OPS instruments concentrating on deployment methods, fine tuning the systems, and data processing using PROSIT to produce data quality that is suitable for calibration and validation activities.

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