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Biospherical Instruments specializes in the design and production of custom systems. Contact us if you do not find documentation on the system you are looking for below.

Single Channel Radiometers

Most single channel (one photodetector) radiometers have the spectral response of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). Contact us if you need a sensor with a different spectral response. Single-channel sensors with radiance front-optics are also available on request.

  • Aquatic Sensors
    • Quantum Cosine PAR sensors: QCP-2000
    • Quantum Scalar PAR sensors: QSP-2000
    • Monochromatic Cosine PAR sensors: MCP-2000
  • Terrestrial Sensors
    • Quantum Cosine PAR Reference sensors: QCR-2000
  • Laboratory Sensors
    • Quantum Scalar Laboratory sensors: QSL-2100
    • Quantum Scalar Reference sensors: QSR-2100
  • AMOUR microradiometer-based sensor: AMOUR

Instrument Systems

Most instrument systems can be customized to match your needs. Contact us to find a solution that is ideal for your application!

  • Aquatic Systems: Overview of BSI's profiling systems 
    • Compact Optical Profiling System: C-OPS
    • Profiling Reflectance Radiometers
      > Up to 8 wavelengths: PRR-2600
      > Up to 19 wavelengths: PRR-800
    • Profiling UV Irradiance System: PUV-2500
    • Scalar PAR Profiling system: BIS-2100
    • Profiling Natural Fluorometer System: PNF
    • Compact 4-Channel Cosine Radiometer: BIC
    • Compact 4-Channel Radiance Radiometer: BIR
  • Terrestrial Sensors
    • Ground-based UV Irradiance System: GUV-2511
    • Ground-based UV-Visible-SWIR Irradiance System: GUVis-3511
    • UV-Visible Spectroradiometer: SUV-150B
    • Compact 4-Channel Cosine Radiometer: BIC
    • Compact 4-Channel Radiance Radiometer: BIR

Software.  Click here for software documentation.

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