AOP TM Ready for Download

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The NASA Technical Memorandum written by Biospherical and NASA titled, "Advances in Measuring the Apparent Optical Properties (AOPs) of Optically Complex Waters,” NASA TM-2010-215856, is now available for download. This TM documents the Biospherical systems that support both in-air and in-water AOP determinations and describes the development of the Microradiometer and C-OPS, as well as the SHALLO family of instruments. For your convenience, PDFs of individual chapters from this TM have been included on our Web pages that deal with their respective instruments.


The OSPREy TM Is Here!

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A NASA Technical Memorandum (TM) on BSI's OSPREy system is now available for download. The TM, titled Optical Sensors for Planetary Radiant Energy (OSPREy): Calibration and Validation of Current and Next-Generation NASA Missions, NASA TM# 2012—215872, was written by both NASA and BSI personnel. It is the first of two TMs explaining what OSPREy is and how it works.

NASA Highlights C-OPS and OSPREy

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C-OPS™ was highlighted in NASA’s Ocean Ecology Science Research Portal in the Instrument Development section. To be taken directly to the Portal page, click here: C-OPS.


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